An Important Message Regarding Your Membership

Dear YMCA Member,
We appreciate your patience as we navigate these difficult and unprecedented times while also striving to meet unique community needs. On behalf of all staff at the YMCA of Dyer County, we value you and hope you remain safe and well. Though our buildings are temporarily closed, we’re still here for you.
As you know, the Y is a non-profit that operates youth sports, summer camp, feeding sites, and fitness centers. Making the difficult decision to temporarily close our physical sites has put us in a challenging position as we are concerned about our ability to continue to serve and come out on the other side of this and help the communities we treasure, just as we’ve done for the past 25 years. We know without a doubt, that when this pandemic subsides, the services the YMCA provides will be needed like never before. 
During this time of closure our staff are reaching out to local and county government, our hospital, schools, members, and other nonprofits to help where we can.  We are making sure we are filling the gaps when found to help our community in this time of need.  Aiding in feeding site for evening meals, working with sheriff’s department with needs, and working on future plans to better serve the needs during the time of shut down.
There are many needs that need to be met in our community to get through this difficult time, but we’re confident they can be met if we work together. We understand that this season is also difficult for you, and the best course of action is not a “one size fits all” solution. So, we’re here to offer three options and hope one will work for you and your family. Please select the option that is best for you.
If you have questions about any of these options, you can email us at lgregorymca@yahoo.com.
1.      CONTINUE YOUR MEMBERSHIP as is and this will be considered a charitable, tax-deductible    donation (We will ensure you receive an appropriate tax letter.).
2.      HOLD YOUR MEMBERSHIP for a period of 30 days. During this time, no bank draft will occur.
3.       GO ABOVE AND BEYOND by making an individual donation to fund the Y’s efforts during  this time. As mentioned above, should you choose this option, we will ensure you receive an  appropriate tax letter.
If we do not hear from you before 5 p.m. on March 29, 2020, we will continue your current membership draft and YMCA membership, per Option 1 above.
We will continue to communicate with you during this time, based on information that’s available to us all. Making tough decisions to preserve the Y for future generations is unavoidable during this time, but every single commitment of support from you will help.  The Y remains positive that this health crisis is temporary, and our intention is to reopen our branches and programs as soon as it is safe to do so.
Thank you for your continued patience and understanding. We know you are also dealing with challenges, and we’re thankful for you, even if it’s just in spirit during this time.
For those who can STAY WITH US, you are helping us accomplish so much more… together.
Randy Butler
YMCA of Dyer County


MARCH 19, 11:00am - Thank you for being patient while we’ve worked on decisions and logistics behind the scenes. These are hard times for everyone with many unknowns and moving parts.

We know that our community relies on our YMCA not only as a place to be active and exercise, but also as a safe space where we can come together to build connections and find friendships. Now, more than ever, we need to band together to provide friends and families with the help and encouragement they need during these uncertain times. We are asking you to #StayWithUs as a cause-driven member so that we can continue our mission of strengthening community.

Ways we are taking action: Our YMCA has made ourselves available to our community partners to serve in any capacity that is needed. We have reached out to our city, county, and school leaders offering our support during the trying times.  We expect our Active & Ageless older population to look to the Y for support and we are committed to helping them as so many are self-quarantined for their own safety.

How the Y wants to engage you: Many of our Y staff are actively planning ways to interact with all of our Y family via social media, we are working with Y’s across the state to provide virtual fitness to do at home, personal phone calls and more.  We have ideas to include ALL of our audiences, including those who want physical activity, those entertaining children, those who are home alone and need some social engagement, etc. Members also have access to on-demand exercise classes through Les Mills, which provides over 95 videos across 8 categories: including Youth Workouts, Training & Dance workouts, Post-Pregnancy Exercises, Quick HIIT Workouts and Technique shorts, and the Y360 YouTube Channel.  We will also work on challenges on our YMCA of Dyer County app to help you engage and compete while your at home.

We cannot do this alone. We need the help of YOU, our Y family. The Y is a cause that strengthens our community and we hope you’ll continue to be part of this bigger movement. Your membership fees will allow us to continue to provide services that are most needed during these difficult times. We cannot control how the COVID-19 situation continues to unfold but, we can control how we respond to it. We understand that everyone’s needs are different and we seek to accommodate every request but we ask you to consider the choice to #StayWithUs and be a part of a positive movement that brings us closer together and unites us as a community.

Again, thank you for the understanding that we’re all in this together, facing future days in the best ways we know how, knowing things may continue to change on a daily basis. We will continue to follow the recommendations of the CDC, Y USA, YMCA State Alliance and Dyer County Health Department, but will do our best to open as soon as we can. We hope that you continue to #StayWithUs and partner with us.


Randy Butler

YMCA of Dyer County