The Association is a direct program of the YMCA of Dyer County and policy and program governess and oversight by the NWTFA Board of Directors. Team must adopt USA Football, league by laws, rules and regulations and programs to serve on the Boards of Directors. Leagues must also be covered by liability insurance naming the YMCA and its board as insured. Each team will have one representative and vote on the board once all qualifications are met. The Association will operate as a Program of the YMCA of Dyer County meeting all requirements of the YMCA and its board. As a program it will function under the YMCA of Dyer Counties 501c3 operation, board insurance, and direction. The YMCA will carry supplement insurance from USA Football insurance program covering the program and requires each team to be covered with limits determined by insurance provider. The Association will affiliate with USA Football and its Heads Up Program. All voting members will adopt guidelines from USA Football as requirement of membership. The Association will require each town to adopt leagues rules, by laws, and best practices to protect their volunteers, coaches,

The purpose of the Association shall be to organize and supervise organized playing of Competitive football games under specialized rules and regulations in Northwest Tennessee, Southwest Kentucky, and Boot heel of Missouri. Create a proper interest; develop enthusiasm for the sport of football, teaching the fundamentals, through practice, competition and sportsmanship. Ensure that all players are given the opportunity to participate in each game and develop to their full potential. To encourage participants to maintain high scholastic grades in school and develop a compassionate attitude, while developing a good work ethic and good sportsmanship. Goal of Association is providing each grade level the opportunity to prepare for their next level of football. Utilizing USA Football age progression allowing players to advance as far as their ability and desire will take them. That each participating organization help build our players toward junior high and high school programs in the areas they play in.

It shall be the policy of the Association to conduct its activities so that the physical and moral

welfare of the young people for whose benefit it is organized shall remain paramount and all matters of

the Policy shall be determined on that basis. It shall be the policy of the Association to implant firmly in the youth of the community the ideas of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty and courage.

Associations Facts for 2016

  • 14 Towns are associated with USA Football
  • 45 tackle teams
  • 874 tackle players
  • 147 volunteer and coaches
  • 91 USA Certified Coaches
  • 25 Player Safety Coaches
  • 19 flag teams
  • 150 players
  • 179 cheerleaders
  • 1368 Total number of people involved

Camden, Dyersburg, Halls, Hickman KY, Huntingdon, Martin, Milan, Newbern, Parsons, South Fulton, Tiptonville, Troy, Three Oaks, Union City

The Association started out as the M.U.D. League, Martin, Union City and Dresden. The YMCA of Dyer County stepped in 2009 to aid in the process of developing one set of rules and regulations that all local teams could follow. Then developing relationships and education to aid our neighbors develop their local teams. Our goal is to make the game safer and develop our volunteers to aid in the development of our players. As our involvement increased we took on the Association as one of our core programs to aid in protecting all involved. The tournament started in 2011 with 16 teams and has grown to 40 over the last five years. Money from the championship pays for tournament cost, each teams coaches certification from USA Football, League Insurance for the Board of Directors, and any profits goes back to the YMCA of Dyer County to aid programs and operations of the Association to provide other opportunities to our regions youth.