Explore our site to learn more about the YMCA of Dyer County and our programs. Join the Y and get involved as a member, volunteer or donor. A membership with us allows you to invest into our community. We look forward to serving you! At the Y, we’re so much more than a gym. We’re a community committed to changing lives. Whatever your reason for joining, we’ll give you the motivation and guidance you need to reach your fitness goals and nurture your wellbeing. Plus, you’ll be part of a movement dedicated to strengthening the whole community.

The YMCA is a not-for-profit organization actively working to make our community a better place. Whether it’s as simple as offering fitness options, or addressing more complex social issues, we are directly involved in our community to make a positive impact. Our mission: to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all. Join YMCAs with all kinds of activities for everyone in the community. And with our Financial Aid need-based fee assistance, we’re open to all. Please visit our YMCA to qualify and join.

YMCA membership benefits:
  • Free-weight areas
  • Basketball court
  • Swim facilities and classes*
  • Shower facility and locker rooms
  • Limited guest privileges for friends and family
  • No contract: Ask staff about 30-day cancellation policy
  • Access Rough Country Lift Center (Functional Training Area)
  • FREE unlimited group exercise classes and indoor cycling
  • Special member rates and priority registrations for programs and classes
  • Discounted participation fees.
  • Activities for the entire family, regardless of age, income or ability.
  • Free personalized fitness evaluation.
  • Free Body Composition Test with the InBody 520, the only one in the state of Tennessee!
  • Access to over 2,000 facilities across the United States with our AWAY Program.
  • Free "child watch" program while you are at the Y.
  • Access to America's largest provider of child care.
  • Financial assistance to ensure that no one is denied access due to inability to pay.
FREE FITNESS EVALUATIONS for Members of the YMCA of Dyer County

YMCA Fitness evaluations are FREE for all members of the YMCA of Dyer County and are encouraged.

A Fitness evaluation measures over all physical fitness by determining:

  • Percentage Body Fat using In Body 520.
  • Muscle Mass using In Body 520
  • Basl Metoblic Rate using In Body 520
  • Water Balance using In Body 520
  • Weight in Muscle, Water, Fat, and Bone with In Body 520
  • Cardiovascular endurance using a 3-minute step test.
  • Upper body strength by performing a maximal bench press.
  • Abdominal strength by performing a 1-minute sit-up.
  • Flexibility using a sit and reach test.
  • Make an appointment today! Evaluations are conducted by fitness instructors and take less than 1 hour. Please wear workout clothes and shoes.

WHY? A fitness evaluation determines your current fitness level and serves as a guide for setting fitness goals.

 Type  Monthly (ABD only)  Annual
 Student (Full time student,25 and under)  $16  $144
 Adult  $31  $324
 Couple  $37  $396
 Family  $46  $504
 Senior Citizen  $24  $240
 Senior Couple  $28  $288
 Single Parent  $37  $396

All new members are required to pay a joiners fee of $50 in addition to the regular membership fee. This is a one-time fee unless your membership is discontinued for more than 30 days.


You may visit the YMCA as a guest up to ten times in a calendar year. The cost is $5 per visit.


YMCA of Dyer County Open Door Application

The Mission of the YMCA of Dyer County is “To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all”.

Funds for financial assistance have been made available through generous contributions.

Applications for financial assistance must be completed in full and are processed in the order they are received.

In order to process your application for assistance, please bring your most recent income tax form (or if taxes were not filed – then a letter from government agency Form 4506T), and 3 current successive paycheck stubs and/or other form(s) of income. Please also submit a copy of your government award letter(s), child support letter, unemployment compensation letter, etc.

It is your responsibility to furnish your personal proof of income and all required documentation. No application can be processed without the income verification.

  • Members and guests must check in at the YMCA member services desk.
  • Fitness area is available to members or guest 8 and up.
  • Children under 8 not allowed on equipment.
  • Children 8 to 11 must be accompanied at all times by a parent or legal guardian limited to cardio machines and circuit weight machines.
  • Children 12 to 15 must have adult supervision while in fitness areas.
  • The YMCA is a tobacco-free facility.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the YMCA.