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Sports performance training (SPT) is a relatively new term but it is not a new concept. SPT focuses on training a young athlete to be the best he or she can be in their chosen sport.

The training includes the foundations of any good athlete:

• speed

• agility

• strength

• self-confidence

And, an added benefit of good sports performance training is a reduction of sports related injuries.

While others have started to offer SPT as a part to their business, here at the Parisi Speed School we have been offering it because it IS OUR BUSINESS!

School we have been offering it because it IS OUR BUSINESS!

Why Parisi Speed School?

Our founder, Bill Parisi, has been training young athletes for 20-years. His methodologies and programming were built for youth, NOT an adult program that is "customized" for youth.

Additionally, Parisi coaches are certified to train young athletes, which takes a different set of skills than training adults. Parisi has been in the business of training youth since our inception...it is not simply another market we are trying to reach; it is the market we want to reach!

Over the last 20 years, more than 600,000 kids between the ages of 7-18 have come through our doors. During that time, we have trained over 130 NFL Draft choices, as well as athletes who went on to play and compete in the NBA, MLB, NHL, and Olympics, not to mention athletes who went on to play at the collegiate level. By enrolling at Parisi, you are not only helping your child take their game to the next levelon the field, but are starting them on a journey toward increased fitness and health off the field.

Having an unfit child compete in a sport can be dangerous and actually do more harm than good. That is one of the reasons why injury rates in youth sports are at an all-time high. While our programs incorporate general fitness principles, our training is designed to set an athletic foundation, thereby reducing the chance of injury. By focusing on improving an athlete's overall strength, movement, skill, speed, flexibility, and endurance, a powerful foundation is put in place to help deter injuries.

Over 75% of kids drop-out of organized sports by the time they reach 14 years of age. This is usually due to a child’s lack of physical fitness and performance, which leads to low self-esteem. However, with a well-structured physical development program, athletes of all abilities can make drastic improvements and make contributions to his or her team, while boosting their confidence. There is nothing more important than helping a child improve their self-esteem. At the Parisi Speed School, we understand this is our primary product that we deliver to the athletes we train.

So knowing all of this, do you want to go somewhere that is in the business of SPT, or go somewhere that knows SPT?

If your answer is the latter, than you should look no further than enrolling at Parisi Speed School:

We Leave The Competition In Our Dust.

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