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YMCA of Dyer County is looking to start after school programs geared to elementary students after school. For fall of 2018-2019 we are looking at Trimble Elementry and Fifth Consolidated. We are in the process of gathering information to see if we have enough interest to start this program. Our goal would be to have a program that would provide after school program till 6 pm each school day during school year for an extra fee.

Our childcare programs are designed to encourage youth to grow in spirit, mind and body. The foundation of our character development emphasis is the four core values: caring, respect, honesty and responsibility. Our goal with character development is to help the children we serve see, understand and develop a set of values that will influence them in making healthy and positive decisions in their lives. Our program provides experiences that enhance and enrich each child’s cognitive, social, emotional, physical and creative development. 

Fifth Consolidated
Fifth Consolidated School

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Randy Butler CEO